Sundial watches began with a simple conversation that took place, in passing, between a watch designer and his photographer friend. One a craftsman, the other an artist – but both, in different ways, fascinated by time and all its nuances.
The photographer spent his time in search of shots that inspire, invoke and inform. Whether shooting a dramatic landscape or creating a poignant portrait, he was driven to capture the essence of his subject. In this quest, light was his greatest ally.
As they spoke about their shared passion, the watch designer was struck by the links between light and timekeeping. He looked at the way light casts a shadow on a simple sun dial to ‘create time’. He found it compelling that, although sophisticated technology drives our world, it is still the simple predictability of the sun passing overhead that creates time and order in our days. Inspired by this, he set about producing a state-of- the-art timepiece that incorporates modern watch-making technology and the simple purity of light.
He began to think about a watch that would unlock the energy stored in light, to give the wearer effortless reliability with quartz precision. To complete its perfection, the watch would be so beautifully designed that it would represent the synergy of art and science, like photography itself. A watch that would be a joy to own, to wear, to hold and to see.
This watch was the very first Sundial – beautifully crafted and finished, with the ability to endlessly harvest energy from light. The watchmaker gifted the watch to his photographer friend and thanked him for the inspiration – the compelling, inimitable power of light.


Every Sundial watch is a piece of state-of- the-art design, illuminated by science.
It has all the benefits of a modern quartz movement, without the need for battery changes. A Sundial watch contains a solar panel behind the dial which harvests energy from light and stores this energy in a rechargeable cell. The stored energy keeps the watch powered for 6 months on a full charge, and automatically replenishes through exposure to light during everyday wear.
This technology delivers benefits that complement your lifestyle perfectly. It’s virtually maintenance-free – saving you time and money. Not having to open and reseal your watch avoids exposing the mechanism to air, dust and moisture, thus prolonging the life of the watch and maintaining timekeeping accuracy.
A Sundial watch is quite simply beyond smart and brilliantly efficient.


A Sundial watch is defined by its state-of-the-art design.
It has a style and character all its own – refined and defined in its elegance. It’s a watch that simply says ‘well-dressed’ – preppy and polished yet with an understated sophistication.
Since no battery change is required, no removable back is needed – just the simplicity of a beautiful monocoque case, finely crafted from a single piece of domed steel. 
A Sundial watch delivers the perfect harmony of form and function. The watch design is one that ‘just feels good’ – organic to the touch, with a fluidity that makes a Sundial pleasing to hold and perfect to wear.
Here is design aesthetic that rewards each time you put it on.